Keep up USA!


4 things that the US needs to adopt:

User-friendly toasters:

The toaster in my apartment is awesome: besides the regular “toast” button, and dial to pick darkness, there is a button for reheating your toast, if you forgot about it and it got cold. Brilliant.

Expandable bus seating:

The coach bus I recently rode on a four-hour drive had this little lever you could push and -click- slide your aisle seat a few inches away from the window seat. Now with every seat in this position, walking up the aisle was no easy task, but it made the journey significantly more comfortable.

Water-friendly urinals:

Many bars and restaurants had trough urinals, basically what it sounds like (men’s only). Those that didn’t had toilets with two flush settings: for #1 and #2. I was surprised with how many establishments had these, as coming across ‘green’ toilets in the US is a depressingly rare occurrance.

Helpful driver signals:

Instead of flashing the brights to say “get out of my F***ing way,” as Americans do, Irish drivers use them to signal “there’s a speed trap ahead” so that everyone passing knows to slow down. Genius.