72andSunny, Kenny Powers endorses K-Swiss shoes.

I literally watched this video the night before we talked about the campaign in Creative Strategist on Tuesday 9/27.

what 72andSunny did right:

They hired a uo grad who worked on the K-Swiss account and were not afraid of using profanity and Powers’ larger-then-life personality to make the ad all it could be.

I am sure that there was a concern of alienating their audience, and scaring people away with the profanity- laced, politically incorrect image of K-Swiss as a brand, but I believe that they succeeded in creating a piece that is obviously satire and feels like a Will Ferrell or Cohen Brother movie. Once I realized that, I could not help laughing at how they pulled in names like Michael Bay, Patrick Willis and Matt Cassel to complete the picture of celebrity endorsement, making the ad even better.