Hello San Francisco

SanFranFist                                (not to scale)

The great thing about SF is, it is a densely-packed peninsula, about 7 miles by 7 miles, and the public transit is excellent so getting around is easy. It’s shaped like a fist as you can see. My model is a little shrimpy but pretend that forearm is a little thicker and you have a pretty accurate map.

One Oregonian-turned-San Franciscan told me,

“It takes about a year for the moss to burn off.”

I see what he means. There are not really seasons here. Its a bit freaky actually.

I guess I can’t complain, I’m working at a great agency and when I get home I’m a 20 minute walk from the beach.

More on that later. If you’re reading this, come visit sometime, and we’ll eat the best burritos you’ve ever had. I promise.