Pop Culture


I have been keeping busy the past few weekends, but I have a few pop culture bits to give you an idea of what the small talk is like during teatime here at Cork.


D’unbelievables are a famous comic duo that will give you a taste of the country accent, and the kinds of characters that you meet in Ireland.

If you only see one Irish film, watch Waking Ned Devine It will keep you in stitches, has beautiful shots of Ireland and it has dry Irish humor not unlike Death at a Funeral.

If you are ready for some more uncensored examples of Irish films, see The Guard or In Brudges, both with Brendan Gleeson and both full of Irish stereotypes. Also, Colin Farrell is from Dublin, if you didn’t know.

If you know Boardwalk Empire,  you’ll love Peaky Blinders, an English version of the show set in the same genre. Lead actor Cillian Murphy is actually from Cork, and attended UCC!


On Raglan Road and The Fields of Athenry are probably the most Irish songs you can find. The former a love song, and the latter written in the 1970s about the Irish Famine, became an anthem at Irish sporting events.