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Saturdays, Soho, NYC.

I have been a fan of the 3-year old design shop since @nicksugai pointed them out to me. Naturally I had to visit during our stay in NY. On a quiet cobblestone street Saturdays is only blocks away from bustling shopping megastores like Uniqlo and H+M, but the thing about Saturdays is they aren’t trying to compete.

The designers know what they are doing: raw wood floors, surf boards, a coffee bar embrace designer tees hanging on racks. This is what white space is all about. Walking into the space, The 4 foot waves that I attempt to surf felt ten times the size.

Saturdays has been featured in the NYTimes for their coffee and style.

Not to mention GQ.













the Future is waiting.


Will you answer the call?

After a week in NYC with 60+ UO Creative Strat-ers, @debkmorrison and @gHarsha, touring DDB, Big Spaceship, McGarry Bowen, Strawberry Frog, Ogilvy, Wieden+Kennedy NYC, Mr Youth, and a few other non- ad places, jetBlue included, I have learned a lot about the Ad. industry and more importantly, I learned a lot about myself.

I soaked it all in, marveling in the New York lights and constantly adding to my list of “Things to do by next year.” The biggest takeaway that I have to share is a continuation of something that @debkmorrison told us a year ago.

“If you are waiting for permission to do great stuff, stop waiting. You have permission. Go build $#!%.”

The future is waiting. Waiting for you.

The enthusiastic encouragement that we received from creative directors and fellow students was so exciting. Hearing how highly Oregon’s Ad. Program is regarded was something else. So was being reminded by  Glenn Griffin how lucky we are to have Deb Morrison steering our fleet of self captained ships.

“Deborah Morrison is the best at what she does. She did it (transformed the ad. program) first at Texas, and now everyone is copying Texas. She is the best in the world” -Glenn Griffin

UO Creative Strat-ers: we are truly blessed. Let’s not take that for granted.

@BlueEyedLeah12 and I met Glenn’s students from Alabama and immediately began talking about how different NYC is from Oregon and Alabama, what goes into running a student agency, and Ad Kids’ troubles.  Connecting with them and realizing that we can help one another out across America, and share encouragement, dreams and fears, was good. so good.

I’m excited for tomorrow.

Are you?

The Anti-Play


I saw the Book of Mormon last Friday night with @astonishing_jo, @UOsportsdude and @BreanneThomas.

Talk about amazing. SouthPark writers Trey Parker and Matt Stone teamed up with the creator of AvenueQ, Robert Lopez, to create a heck of a show. Curses flow like milk and honey, sarcasm and irreverence border on insulting to anyone with a religious bone in their boly, but the laughs come thick and fast. Standing at the back of the (tiny!) theater, it was a great show to be my first live Broadway show.

If you can’t laugh at yourself every now and again, what is the point of it all?

I think even God would agree, if he was paying attention anyways.

Read a professional review here.

Learning Taxi Language.

Over the past few days of living in NYC, I have learned a little about when to stride confidently across the street, and when to leap back onto the curb as fast as I can.