a constant state of confusion


For the first few weeks everyone knew I was from ‘the States,’ just by looking at me. Then I graduated to being able to pass as a local until I opened my mouth. Now that I have finally fooled a few people, it’s time to share my knowledge.

To help you feel the same disorientation I first experienced, here is a quick ‘Cork Slang’ activity for you. (Answers below)

 1. “It was Grand”

Does this mean:

  a. It was good
  b. It was terrible
  c. It was bearable

2. “That place was Jammers!”

Was it:

  a. Wild and crazy
  b. Extremely crowded
  c. Extremely loud

3. “How’s the crack?”

Does this mean:

  a. Is the quality of the drugs acceptable?
  b. Do you like what I am wearing?
  c. What’s going on?

4. “He was taking the piss”

Does this mean:

  a. He was urinating
  b. He was joking
  c. He was napping

It is strange how we focus on topical differences like how we talk and express ourselves, but it is a fun way to get to know people from different cultures, and everyone has a story about being misunderstood in a different country!

More expressions:

Deadly = Awesome.

Fierce = Intense. Primarily used to refer to the weather.

It was a gas! = It was great fun!


Some you don’t want to confuse, such as:

Have a lash = have a try

Go on the lash = Go out on the town

Have a slash = Urinate


Then there is Gaelic, which is something else entirely.

Lough = Lake (pronounced ‘lock’)

Gaol = Jail (pronounced ‘jail’)

Quay = Avenue/street (pronounced ‘key’)



1. “It was Grand” a. It was good

2. “That place was Jammers!” b. Extremely crowded

3. “How’s the crack?” c. What’s going on? (Spelled ‘craic,’ Gaelic term for fun, gossip or entertainment)

4. “He was taking the piss” b. He was joking


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