Resumes fer Dayz

I am a firm believer that you should use a unique resume each time you apply for a position. I currently have two multipurpose resumes, one on my portfolio for advertising, and one that I send to non-advertising folk, who want to see the details of what I have done in past positions.

Why are we expected to have such different resumes? Do advertising folks have less time to look at resumes? Do they take less time? I think the main difference is that if you want to get a job in a creative, productive industry, you need evidence that you have cut your teeth on some ambitious creative projects, hence the portfolio.

Resumes are more of a formality for Ad folks, methinks.

It all comes down to how you brand yourself: Darcie Burrell may have trouble getting a job as a middle school teacher with this resume. As a copywriter however, it instantly shows her voice, spunk, and whether or not you would want to work with her. Bold, smart choice.

Here are my resumes, let me know I pass the test.

Short resume

Extensive resume

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