NSAC Ad Team. Learnings and Yearnings


This past weekend wrapped up my experience with the University of Oregon’s Ad Team. Working for two and 1/3 terms with some of the most talented, hardworking Ad students at UO has been quite the ride.

I have learned so many lessons over the course of our project, some of them bitter, some sweet. I learned that I work best on my feet, with a dry-erase marker in my hand, and as one of my peers said, “You are a born facilitator,” a compliment I hold dear. I learned everyone has a different way of processing information, taking criticism, and presenting ideas. At times, it was an exercise in stamina and people skills more than advertising.

This past Friday I presented with three of the finest public speakers the Ad. Program has to offer, and we killed it. At the end of the night, Oregon was awarded 3rd place. The University of Idaho won, for one good reason. Their strategy was bonded to their creative with super-glue.

Ours wasn’t. Looking at our work after hearing the judge’s feedback, I realized that although our tagline was spot-on, our executions lacked the consistency that would have made them great. Tough stuff, but chalk it up to another learning experience. 

I’m so proud of my team, the work we created, and the fact that we emerged from the competition with a trophy in our hands and arms around each other. Though we didn’t get gold, we won, because we value each other over the final product. I don’t need any judges to tell me how important that is.

Spencer Adrian says it best. Look out next year ‘cause Team Spacey is going to blow them all away.


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