… 6 months later

ad team


Time surely does fly when you are having fun. Forgive me faithful blog followers (mom), it has been far too long. in August, I finished up an awesome internship with COLAB + the Portland Advertising Federation.

My top three takeaways from the experience were:

1. Skills + Work hard + Being nice = Employable.
You need all three. (Strangely, only one is taught in college, if that).

2. Talk to everyone.
Call it “hobnobbing” or “networking” or whatever you want, you can’t afford not to! Your future best friend may be sitting across the office from you, or you may find someone worth quitting your job with to create your own start up, you never know. As an intern, you will probably find someone who’s job you want, that you never knew existed. Awesome.

3. Be Brave.
It goes without saying, but it is still so true: If you never try, you will never know. This is partly to myself, as I start looking for people who I want to work for, I have to remember to put myself out there and be confident, try something new, leave home and all that jazz. (Classes with Mark Lewis help).

Check back soon for ruminations on Allen Hall Advertising, Ad Team, and loads of other goodies. This is a semi-binding promise that I will write more often. Have a good spring break.

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