35. Fear, Failure, and the Future

Watched PressPausePlay earlier tonight.

If you consider yourself an artist, own a camera, keep a journal or blog, then I recommend that you watch it.

In a nutshell, it is a movie about how changing technology is reflected in the artists of the time, and how those artists shape culture through their performances, publications and interactions leading the pack.

My favorite parts:

“An idea that is free spreads fastest.” -Seth Godin. Generosity —-> Success. I love this. We are taught this over and over in the J-school, or at least in the @debkmorrison school of thought.

“Technology precedes the artist.” Know how to create your craft. Don’t worry about what new toys or tools will come along next to make your job easier. If it isn’t worth learning RIGHT NOW, then it isn’t worth learning at all. (everything is worth learning, if you decide that it is.)

Craft vs. Creativity. You don’t have to learn how to spread oil pastels on a canvas or how to manually create a black and white photo, because of technology available to us. This is an incredible gift! do not take it for granted.

Form follows function (doesn’t it always?) If you have a beautifully shot, seamlessly edited piece that you captured on a 7D Dslr, but you do not use it to connect, no heart, no emotion, nothing human hold on to, then it was all for naught. This is because “Perfection is offputting.” You can always get better at a craft, but you cannot fake being genuine.

If you are struggling getting your feet off the ground, watch this. It helped me.

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