28. Crazy cameras

Talking to my GTF for a digital arts class, Ian Clark, about camera work and production (which he has done a fair bit of), and a fellow student about Stanley Kubrick movies. So the story is that Kubrick used a camera lens that was developed by NASA in the making of  Barry Lyndon. The lens had f/0.7, powerful enough to be used in satellites photographing space.

I know little about camera lingo, so in layman terms, F-stop is part of the camera that controls how much light enters the camera sensor,  which affects the visibility in low- light environments. F-stop on a standard camera is around f/1.8, high-end lenses can be f/1.2 or less, so the lens Kubrick was using was able to pick up light from a few candles and illuminate an entire room of people. Craziness.

I have only seen a few Kubrick films, the Shining, Clockwork Orange, but I plan to see more now.

Read more about Stanley Kubrick on Wiki

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