27. Good Readings

Downtime is a beautiful thing, isn’t it?

This Christmas break, when not playing ping-pong, I read a bit:

Unbroken, by Laura Hillenbrand, is  about a WWII navy bomber who led an extraordinary life. The story feels like something your grandpa would unfurl on a camping trip, sharing deep into the night with hot chocolate in hand and stars overhead. ‘Unbroken’ is the real deal, it took over 7 years for Hillenbrand to craft, and is both an enjoyable history lesson and a moving insight to the cruelties of war.

the Last American Man, by Elizabeth Gilbert, is a true story of the mountain man who did it all. Bear Grylls don’t got nothin’ on Eustace Conway. His relationship with his demanding father fuels Conway’s drive for perfection, and is hard to read at times, but his simple lifestyle is inspiring and eye-opening.

How to Make It as an Advertising Creative, by Simon Veksner, is a coffee table scrapbook full of helpful info for those of us Creative Strategists looking for an edge in the Idea Industry. Common sense, good examples, encouraging stuff.



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