25. Generosity

I hope that one day I have the chance to speak to a crowd of students and give them some piece of inspiration that helps guide them. Generosity is what it is all about, because WE are greater together then any of us can ever be alone.

Here are a few standouts; students +change agents I have had the good fortune of rubbing elbows with in this class called life.

Chloe Cohen: the Blogger. She is always available by twitter, always posting snarky content. “Most Curious” Award.

Tyler Carrington: The Competition. Here’s the guy I know will be at the lab later then I am, every night. More then worth his salt.

Emily Jaffe: Commentator on Life, spot on. Heck of a designer too.

Nick Sugai: The Writer. Makes the rest of us feel like we crapped on a piece of paper and called it a blog post. #13 says it all.

Jayson Hobby: The Cool Kid. Accountant/DJ/Web Designer. Who wouldn’t want to talk to this guy?

PS. Thanks for the idea Nick.

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