24. Sense of Place

I have a confession: I read Sunset Magazine. Its mostly for the layout, photography, architecture, food… okay, I like it.

Architecture is so cool. The ability to change how people interact emotionally in different spaces fascinates me.

My grandparents low-ceiling log cabin has a leather couch that wants to devour you after dinner, especially when it is raining and there is a fire in the hearth.

The Jaqua center makes me feel like a rock star-astronaut-genius, even when I go to the bathroom. White walls, warm wood and glowing neon has that effect.

Every time I go to an art gallery, I half convince myself to paint my room white. As a screen printer my canvas of choice is a t-shirt, and I am of the opinion that any object can be an art form. Form+Function is all it takes. Who doesn’t like a little IKEA action?

When I enter Autzen stadium, I feel like a roman soldier about to watch the gladiatorial event of the century. Watching football games on tv doesn’t come close. The construction of spaces and how we move through them is more then a science, it is an art form. Architects have cool jobs.



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