22. Lucid Dreaming 101

Dreams are strange things aren’t they? I can never seem to remember more then a few frames from the story that was painted so vividly only moments ago before it slips through my fingers.

I just learned that there it is possible to training yourself to fall asleep, while remaining conscious of the world around you. It is called Lucid dreaming.

Supposedly if you don’t move at all, lying in bed or in a comfortable position, your body eventually falls “asleep” since the little readjustments that we do while falling asleep inform our brains that our bodies are still awake. If you do not move for long enough, your parts of your brain will fall asleep along with most of your body, in a mild paralysis.

When this happens, you will still be able to look around the room where you are physically present, but you will also start experiencing dreams, being conscious of the fact that you are dreaming means it is a lucid dream.

If you only remember a few dreams each year, and are as freaked out by this as I am, fear not. You should be able to fully wake up if you blink hard enough, or open your eyes as wide as you can. I salute you if you have the courage and patience to try such a thing. As for me, I like my sleep just the way it is.

More on Lucid Dreaming here.

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