19. Weird is better.

I can clearly recall a conversation I had with a few friends about the concept of “normal.” I think I told one friend that she was “not normal,” with intended sarcasm, but also honesty. She was genuinely upset and asked me if I really thought she was not normal. I explained my view that “normal” is generally boring, ordinary and even offensive.

I believe she thought that normal is something to aspire to, and my comment seemed to cause her distress. Now, I explained to her that on average she and I are normal human beings, college students, and people. Aren’t we all? We listen to music that we feel defines us, talk to people who look like us, and associate with others that are like-minded. Pretty normal.

I know that being different has been the guiding chorus for many, especially going through middle and high school, when everyone wants to stand out is some way. What I am talking about is not “being different” for the sake of being different, I am talking about being weird. I believe most people are weirder then they would like to admit.

I know someone who cannot go to sleep until she divides the numbers on her clock as far as they can go. Then she divides them. I know someone else who has figured out how many grapes she can eat until she will start having an allergic reaction. I know others who when reading parts of a book such as, “he shook his head violently,” will act it out, even in a crowded coffee shop, to better understand what the characters are going through.

Have you ever heard of “The Mighty Boosh?”

It is a BBC comedy series that my brothers and I stumbled upon a few years back. If you like British humor, you’ll dig it. Another choice find was a movie produced by the guys who created “Napolean Dynamite” and “Nacho Libre,” called “Gentlemen Broncos.” If you like it, you understand a bit of my humor.

By the way, Nacho Libre is one of my favorite movies. It doesn’t get much better then that.

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