17. Secret Clubs with Jayson Hobby

I had a solid conversation with a classmate of mine this morning. Jayson Hobby started his life in academia on the pathway that leads towards an accountant. He did an about- face and is now studying advertising.

Jayson is a Disc Jockey, started music blog Two Hype Feet.com, and is an outgoing, cheerful guy. Jayson is going places

We talked about what makes culture, how to make people follow you and buy your stuff. Not in a weird, power hungry way, but with a ‘how can we better understand what drives the culture machine, so we can influence it for the better,’ attitude.

I think my biggest Eureka moment to date came when I was starting out designing and printing t-shirts in high school. I realized that kids don’t just want to wear a shirt that looks cool, they want a shirt that looks cool that stands for something. They want to be part of something important. Something bigger then themselves, a cultural movement, if you will.

Jayson spoke about having the same realization with music, when he realized that if you give people something important to hold on to, to use to identify themselves with that they believe in, they will sacrifice anything to be part of your club.

Nike did it with shoes. Levi’s with jeans. Toms with cheap slipper shoes.

The key is to make something that adds worth, substance, to the world. It has to make people perk up and want to learn more. No one wears a Walmart tee shirt, “Save money. Live better” Nonprofits look good. So does “Derek Zoolander’s Center for Kids who want to Learn How to Read Better, and do other things good too.”

Who is going to create the next club?

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