14. Babies

They are weird, no doubt about that.

the other day I happened to be part of a conversation about some of the oddities of infants:

DISCLAIMER: not all of the following are proven fact. Please do not try them at home, or blame us when you do not have the desired effect on your baby. (by continuing to read you are effectively signing a waiver that does not hold us accountable for whatever you may chose to do with the information you read below).

1. Infants should not eat eat honey until they are a few years old. Honey contains bacteria that can be harmful, or deadly, to an inexperienced immune system.

2. Apparently it is good for toddlers to play in the dirt, and even eat some of it. This helps build up their immune system.

3. Babies are born without kneecaps. they have cartilage that develops into kneecaps after about 6 months.

4. Babies skulls have not fully closed a birth, so the back of their head is very vulnerable. Someone told me they ran into a new mother on an airplane, who knew the pressure spots on her babies head put it to sleep instantly! (that can’t be healthy, can it?)

5. What else…. they have microscopic hooks in their fingers that gives them gecko- like grip that can tear the flesh off of a fully grown bull rhino. Okay, maybe not.

6. In various Anthropology classes I learned that it is not just a social norm to tell the father that the baby looks like him, it helps solidify the bond between him and his child, (in case he was worried about infidelity).

7. If you are compelled to learn more about babies,read on.

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