12. Think, then post

I greatly appreciated hearing from Admen Dave Allen and Alex Kniess last week. They have both addressed the importance of smart online presence. Emphasis on the “smart.”

I admit, I am a little biased; on the bell curve of consumer behavior, I am a laggard for sure. Didn’t get a cell phone until I was a senior in High School, no texting until last year (yikes! I know). So I am a bit of a slow adapter, bite me. What I am a proponent of is what Dave and Alex were talking about. If you are going to use the tools, wield them carefully. They can easily become blunt objects.

I am not saying we all need to throw away our phones and electric toothbrushes. I am saying that there is a standard that we should test our potential tweets, posts, and comments by, before actually publishing them. In order of importance:

1. Does it PROVIDE CONTENT? Relevant? Interesting? Funny? Why would someone else read it?

2. Would you want YOUR GRANDMA to read it? Old-fashioned I know, but this is important- don’t alienate your audience (or think you know exactly who your audience is)

3. WHY are you posting it? If it is purely from emotional or selfish intentions, don’t do it.

I guess I am saying I would rather be the guy that posts one article a week, one tweet a day that is so relevant that everyone reads, rather then an endless stream of dialogue that has no effect whatsoever.

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