10. Ego = Enemy

It was a while ago, but Creative director Tracey Wong from Wong Doody Crandall and Weiner spoke with my Creative Strategist class a week or two ago. The main gem of wisdom that he shared with us from years of experience, was to curb our egos.

You are not bestowed with divine talents, be they creative, managerial or quantitative. If you truly believe that you are, who will want to work with you? If you check your ego at the door and come to be part of a team, then big things will happen. or as Tracey put it,

“There isn’t an ‘I’ in team, but there is in prick.”

Don’t be that person. “Anything is possible as long as no one gets the credit.” One way to accomplish this is to use your ears, and listen when your team or client talks to you, instead of stewing about how they don’t understand your genius idea. “You are not your ideas” He warned us that it is essential to have a separation between the two, or it is impossible to avoid getting burned and beaten.

When others offer advice, critique, feedback -listen! Your greatest creative weapon is your ears, he told us. If you have a great idea but it doesn’t please the client, listen to them and make it work. Compromise is a good thing, he continued. Also, listening creates TRUST which KILLS FEAR. Hallelujah! So there is a method to dealing with/growing past the gnawing self-doubt that plagues us creative thinkers. Thank you Tracey Wong!

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