9. Appreciation / Criticism

“You are your harshest critic.” I hear it often, but it is worth reminding myself that I generally have the highest expectations, and are the most brutal evaluator of my work.

Kathy Hepinstall visited us UOCreativeStrat -ers last thursday, leaving behind laugh lines and warm feelings. The number one thing we have been told NOT to do by Deb Morrison, Tracey Wong and others, is “be an Asshole.” Kathy implored us to go one step father;

Make people feel important. “Feedback is an artform,” she said, and not only will it make us live longer, people tend to hire people that they want to hang out with (weird, I know).

She also told us to treat ourselves right.

“Think of your brain as a domestic animal. It wants praise and appreciation.” –Kathy Hepinstall.

Failure is not possibility, it is a certainty. For those of us trying to make a difference in this creative landscape, it is vital that we learn how to bounce back quickly, without sustaining deep scars. Learn something every time you mess up, but don’t beat yourself up too much.

“The time spent between when you drop the pen (in frustration) and pick it up again is directly related to your maturity level as a person and as an artist.”

So you can’t treat other with love, unless you love and take care of yourself.  Solid advice.

P.S. not talking about patting your own ego here, see next post for the EGO talk.

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