7. Reality. What is it really?

So Kim Kardashian recently separated from her husband of 72 days, Kris Humphries, according to a post on Forbes. It showed up on my email news feed as the catch of the day.

Big news huh? It may not be the most pressing matter on your plate, but Forbes brings up a good point that the separation of the “Television Personality” from the NBA player may be more about making money then lost love. News station ABC video on the topic.

Entertaining the notion that two people could get married and all that, just for the money to be had, I was reminded about an ad for a breakfast sandwich by Burger King, that they ‘stole’ from McDonald’s.

Did Burger King really copy McDonald’s outright? admit that they are second best? Maybe. I would love to know if it was not in fact a joint effort by BK and MacDough; they both get media attention, especially since it looks like a Legal case.

Both companies get a little free publicity, everyone is thinking “Scandal (gasp!)” In a world where sensationalist news sells better then hard news, why not? It would look better for BK if they did partner with McDonald’s, if not, they just gave free advertising to Mikky D’s too! (note: not in the list of top 10 brand marketing tactics handbook).

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