6. What the Hell does ‘Ergonomic’ mean?

Looking at a case study of Kotex tampons, I couldn’t help but be reminded of an earlier campaign from a brand selling a very different kind of product: Snowboards.

Thats right, Burton, a vermont-based snowboarding gear company has a lot more in common with a tampon brand then they probably would like to admit.

What Kotex did in the past year was to revitalize the dusty, undifferentiated, pastel-hued category by cutting the crap and fake smiles, and letting women vent about how much their period sucks, instead of pretending everything was sunshine and puppies, the direction  the industry had taken since tampons were invented.

Burton also has a no-frills rebellious streak attitude that probably targets 12-28 year-olds, and although they obviously spend a heck of a lot of money on R&D, they don’t want to come across as smarmy or over-educated. Both brands know their audiences well and are talking to them using their audience’s native language..

That is what makes these brands successful. They are in touch with the people that they work for.

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