3. Hands are good.

I have a real respect for people who work with their hands. Painters, carpenters, musicians and all matter of artists who earn their daily bread from the performance of skills they have spent their lives developing.

The reason I believe Deb Morrison continues to tell us to get our hands dirty, to sketch and draw ideas as they come to us, is not simply because she heard it is helpful, it’s because she wrote a book on the topic. Industry pros from all over confirmed her and Glenn Griffin’s suspicions that as contrary as it may sound, there is a science to creating art. (Strategic art that is, which = advertising)

I’m not that great with a pen, but I will continue to wield one because sometimes my fingers have a way of saying what my brain cannot. Pen strokes pave the way for brush strokes. They show that time was taken and the idea was well developed and ready to hatch before any software or paintbrushes were touched.

Moonshine : Artists after dark from alexis wanneroy on Vimeo.

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