2. You are Marvelous.

Why do brands speak louder then ads? Why do college freshmen newly hatched into the world of doing their own laundry buy the same brand of detergent that Mom bought?

Because ads are 30 second clips that are watched between the news and the football game. They can be turned off, or on. ‘Brand speak’ is the sum of every interaction that we have had with a particular product brand, That brand’s story is different for each of us, and the best ads remind us of that story, add to it. Reason informs, but emotion persuades

That is why ads are nothing more then stories, stories that connect to people’s emotions first and not always to their logic.

A ‘good’ ad can make a bad brand look good for a short while. Then people realize they have been lied to, and the brand is maybe worse off then it was. A good brand speaking through an ad reminding consumers why the brand is good, telling the truth, is a wonderful thing.

Here is one of my favorite brands and branding stories, because I wear the jeans and see at least part of myself as a thrill seeker and all of myself as someone who wants to go out and do stuff, run on beaches at night, play loud music, not hesitate for a moment to apologize for living my life. Go Forth

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